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We can convert any low resolution image into high resolution vector art or line art, from logos, original art or pictures, just email us...
Vectorize Art

Chula Vista, California USA
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The prices shown are representative of the examples illustrated.  Your art work will be quoted based upon the corresponding level and the difficulty of the work involved to vectorize the logos. You will never be charged more than what was quoted for the art conversion even if the vectorize artwork takes longer to complete than originally estimated. Our logo vector eps art conversions are 100% guaranteed. Camera ready art is also redrawn and converted to vector art. One color low resolution logos  converted to high resolution vector art. Multiple color logos are converted to high resolution vector eps art work. Any logo-art that involves complex elements like gradients and unique fonts  that are uncommon. Art that involves complex detail or requires us to re-create or produce custom art from client's concept idea (i.e., business card layout, graphics for manuals, or restaurant menus) and redrawing it to eps vector.