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Raster Images To Vector Art

Art Fixers is a noted graphic artwork studio which is to be located in California. Art Fixers offers the online facility for the general public to take the opportunity to allow the studio’s graphic artists to convert their raster images to vector art. Art Fixers has been serving the promotion products industry for over five years, and the staff of highly talented and qualified professional graphic artists have a combined experience of over twenty years in working with the promotional product professionals of ASI, PPAI, SAGE, and many other promotional product members. The dedicated and enthusiastic graphic artists of Art Fixers can convert raster images to vector, take any low-resolution artwork and produce high resolution EPS vector or camera-ready for line art for clients throughout the country..

The team of graphic artists from Art Fixers will convert raster images and all drawings to vector and assure clients that all and any formats can be drawn from pictures, faxed images, hand-sketched drawings, images from the web, and low resolution jpegs (normally still artwork) or gifs, which are normally found hanging in front of jpegs or sometimes animated on web site graphics. The skilled graphic artists from Art Fixers are also able to create and present original logo artwork. It does not matter to the graphic artists how blurry, fuzzy, faded, and out of focus the submitted artwork may be. The competent artists will convert client’s raster images to vector art. Art Fixers’ artists will accept clients’ low resolution raster images and convert them to vector art by redrawing the raster images in a high resolution camera-ready or vector EPS format ready for printing. The company’s vector art conversion services include the redrawing of low resolution images that exist in the format of jpegs, gifs, bit maps, raster images, faxes, and hand drawn sketches, which are converted to high resolution perfectly scalable EPS art format items..

Art Fixers’ artists are able to redraw and fix any logo art, as well as offer new concept art services which include the design of new logos, graphic designs for websites, and almost all other projects that involve computer generated graphic art design. Art Fixers is completely aware of what printers require to get their client’s work printed accurately and in a timely manner when vectorizing artwork to EPS vector to avoid delays and costly art fees. Prospective clients needing assistance with art repair, art creation, or to convert their raster images to vector art will be able to take advantage of the convenience of the online site to e-mail a copy of the design concept, or they could fax directly, if preferred. Art Fixers’s graphic artists are committed to providing all clients with one hundred percent guaranteed satisfaction when they convert raster images to vector. Most artwork is completed within twenty-four hours and all quotes and queries are responded to on the same day. This enables Art Fixers’ clients to waste no time in getting back to their clients with quotes or submissions of the completed raster images to vector artwork. The graphic artists will quickly complete projects without compromising the integrity of the artwork.

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