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We are Vectorization ( Vector art ) and image repair graphic arts service specializing in redrawing images into vector format. Vector art( vectorized ) graphics are required by most print shops, from engravers,T-shirt printers & printer promotional products suppliers and other specialty print shops in order to produce your low resolution logo art into clean high resolution vectorized artwork to any scale. EMAIL us your image to get a vector conversion quote art@artfixers.comRead More >>

What is vector art and vector why it's needed?

If you are working with an outside vendor or graphic designer, odds are they have asked for your logo to be in vector format and not jpeg or raster. The advantage of a vectorized file is that it can be reproduced to any scale with no loss in quality. JPEGs are meant to be used for photographs and other web based graphics and are referred to as raster graphics, and are not of the highest resolution as vector graphics ( .eps,.ai files ). See comparison below of a raster image ( jpeg ) vs. a vector image ( .eps, .ai ):

jpeg regular size
Looks high resolution
jpeg when enlarged for printing
Very fuzzy and low resolution, cannot print with it
vector art ( .eps ) regular size
high resolution vector
vector when enlarged for printing
Remains high resolution when enlarged to any scale
Amount Quoted
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